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The citizens of Moissac would take difference with a simplistic comparison with Aiguillon.

However, both are near to the confluence between the Garronne and  a major tributary.

In Moissac the Tarn is substituted for the Lot. In both places there used to be mills on both sides of the river. The Mills at Moissac have fared rather better than those at Aiguillion The mill closest to the the town of Moissac is now a pleasant hotel and the smaller mill on the far side of the river is now the office for a camping site on the Ile de Beaucaire, site of the Black prince’s meeting with the Touselaines.

There are other differences. Moissac itself is not elevated but closer to the river level and the “Canal de Deux Mers” passes through the centre of the town. Moissac is home to the Abbey of St Pierre which is of world renown and is world heritage listed.

It is also the location Of Pont Napoleon, a restaurant of international reputation.

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