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Henry has been blessed by good fate. he was the grandson of Edmund Crookback and therefore inherited the messianic line through his grandmother Blanche d’Artois. When his uncle Thomas was executed after a failed rebellion against Edward II. Henry acquired vast estates. 

He was the only son of Henry of Monmouth and his inheritance of his uncles estates gave no consideration to the claims of his five sisters. This caused a smouldering resentment which lasted several generations.  He married Isabella Beaumont and by him she had two daughters. 

 Joan of Kent was the niece of Blanche of Lancaster one of the sisters who had missed out on the distribution of wealth. She tried to use her influence with the Black Prince to obtain a redistribution of the wealth.

Maude married William de Burg and their daughter married Lionel of Antwerp— 2nd in line to the throne. They undoubtably cast envious eyes on the wealth which seemed destined to fall to Henry Bolingbroke.

Eleanor was married four times and two of her children married into the family of William Montacute , Earl of Salisbury

Most significantly the remaining sister Maude married into the Percy family who eventually came out in open rebellion against Henry Bolingbroke when he claimed the throne as Henry IV

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