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 The Capet family had been destroyed by Edward III’s mothers revelations of her sisters in law infidelity.

(see Les Rois Maudites)

The two of the wives who were found guilty of adultery—Margaretha of Burgundy and Blanche Of Burgundy—were sentenced to life imprisonment and died in custody.

Jeanne of Bourgogne was found not guilty.

Margaretha had a daughter, Juana, who  despite her mother being found guilty of adultery was eventually allowed to assume the role of Queen of Navarre.

The French barred Edward III from the French throne by reverting to Salic law, that is the laws which covered the Frankish nation before the rise of Clovis—the Salty Franks.

Salic law,—which may or may not have ever existed—stipulated not only that a woman could not succeed to the Frankish  throne, but  that no malel could make a claim if it was dependent on his descent from a woman.

Phillipe VI was “elected” as the rightful heir after consideration of this Salic law.

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