Juan Perez (JAIDEN Perrers)

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Juan has a secret. Has discovered that could have been the heir to the throne of Castile.

However he had been born to King Pedro and his mistress Maria Pedilla when they were very young and before they were married.

Maria Pedilla was a younger sister of Eleanor Garcia de Padilla, Ximene’s grandmother.  Eleanor had invited Juan to join her household when the politics of Castile became totally unstable. As Juan grew older he earned his keep by becoming Lady Eleanor’s troubadour.

Despite performing this role well, when he learned the identity of his parents, he became first cynical and then opportunistic having little regard for the feelings of those he used to pursue his own advantage.

The one he used most was his sister Alyse as he became aware of the opportunities which are opening in front of her.

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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