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The Occitan Independence movement gathers strength

Reports from France indicate that the French government is paying increased attention to the campaign to “Free Occitan” . At the very least they appear to be prepared to give attention to the preservation of the Occitan language and  the granting of a limited degree of self government.





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[tab title=”Political programme”]

- The recognition of the Occitan community by the French, Spanish and Italian states and the European Union.

- A wide reaching autonomy for Occitania on the whole of the area of the Occitan language (including the Occitan alpine valleys presently under Italian rule and the Aran valley in the Spanish state).

- The setting-up of an Assembly of the Autonomous Occitan Community, with an appointed executive and regrouping the elected members for Auvergne, Dauphiné, Gascony, Guyenne, Languedoc, Limousin and Provence.

- The putting into effect of a co-ordinated policy throughout the whole of the Occitan area based on sustainable development, social justice and respect for the environment.

- A cultural policy promoting the Occitan language and giving it its full place in society.

- Direct representation of the Autonomous Occitan Community in European institutions within the framework of a federal Europe of peoples and regions.


[tab title=”Humanist philosophy”]

- The Occitan Party, a progressive autonomist movement, is part of the democratic framework of a pluralist political life.

- The Occitan Party rejects the use of violence to reach its political aims and operates by legal means.

- The Occitan Party condemns all forms of racism, fascism, totalitarianism and national jingoism.

- The Occitan Party supports the right of all peoples to self-determination, and to safeguard their political, economical and cultural rights. It rejects all forms of colonialism and imperialism.

- The Occitan Party works for the respect of human rights and for peace.





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