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Jaimie Allen in her website fabpedigree .com asks that her readers should not treat her information as “authorative”.

Nevertheless much of the information is based on documented information and much of that originates in the genealogical trees kept by famous families.

The summary document given above shows that both sides of Phillipa’s family are descended from  Kush which is now Northern Sudan. The people at the end of this descent are the Queen of Sheba and Moses! 

Even Jaimie’s records show many “missing generations”

This is perhaps one of the more unlikely segments of ancient genealogy, but it is not impossible and could explain Phillip’s brown skin.

Interestingly, Jewish records indicate  that Moses did not end is life living in with the Israelites. he left them to devices and returned to the love of his life, Zippora of Kush.

There are many legends about Sheba. Jewish records indicate the she visited Soloman to test out his wisdom. The Ethiopian tradition however has her having Soloman’s son Menelik. Menelik’s family ruled Ethiopia until the murder of  Haile Selassie in 1975. she was known in Ethiopia as Makeda.


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