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John is a loyal and trustworthy ally.  John is extroverted, adaptable and outspoken. However he likes having the lines written for him, likes structure, belonging to a system. He likes a team approach to problem solving. However, John is likely to provoke confrontations occasionally to prove his courage to the authority figure or system.

In order to fulfil the basic requirement to perform well, John learns to be sociable and outgoing.

At the same time, he is sensitive to the actions of those he believes might be working against him and takes some time to make new friends.

Even as an adult, John has an ongoing need to be integrated into society and accepted by those who are in authority.

Unable to trust his own ability to make decisions well, he associates with an authority figures or a system that will supply the answers. 

 He considers himself born to serve and must have a good understanding of what is required of him, before trying his utmost to deliver.

He is generous and considerate, which leads him to go beyond what is specified to help colleagues and protect those who are threatened.  He welcomes army life and progresses rapidly through the lower ranks of the army.

John psychologically changes toward becoming self-reliant. He learns that he can trust his own decisions.  To his surprise he becomes accepted as a true partner, by both the Earl of Salisbury and Joan of Kent who come to treat him as an equal.

The biggest challenge of his life is when those around him start looking to him for leadership and advice. He continues to be surprised by this development and only slowly accepts his developing role 

 However, John needs a system, so he looks to Ximene to create and represent a new system. John is a real people person and is able able to attract others to Ximene’s cause.

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