Act II The Secret Journeys

Mortals encapsulated their understanding of the Gods in stories about them. These stories are known collectively as Mythology. They form part of the fabric of human society.

Professor Joseph Campbell et al. have proposed that all world mythologies including those relating to the lives of the Gods involved a journey. The details of each journey may be different but the path of the journey is essentially the same.

This journey stereotype has become known as the monomyth.

Campbell’s work became famous as his concepts became the basis of the plot for the 1977 movie Star Wars.

An essential part of the monomyth is that the hero (or heroes) embark on a journey which removes them from their familiar surroundings and thrusts them into an entirely different world. For those with competence and courage, progress can be made by adapting to the changed circumstances.

For a woman the hero’s journey is different. She needs periodically to return her place of origin at least in spirit to restore her strength, purpose and direction. Each one of these female cycles can be a journey in its own right.

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