97 Even More Serious

Joan of Kent-21st June 1355

Joan watched John until he had vanished around a bend in the trail.

‘So there he goes, the only citizen of the new Occitan, to join his Queen. Will he become her subject or will he become her lover? Or both? Who knows? I really wish them well.’

‘Hopefully, they will be well out of reach before Du Gueslin can re-marshall his forces.’

‘All the threats to Ximene’s life originated with Du Guesclin?’

‘Certain of it.’

But with her stand-in, what was her name … Alyse, travelling with us, won’t Du Guesclin be confused?’

‘Possibly. but judging from his presence here, regretfully, I think that ruse has all but failed.’

‘Do you think Du Guesclin himself was here today?’

The Earl smiled grimly. ‘He was here today alright and in flight, he did survive. However, he can have no idea what happened after the battle. If we leave clues there is still a chance he will follow us rather than Ximene. It might give me the opportunity to kill him.’

‘I will not feel entirely safe until you do. But, come, to even more serious matters; we must not waste any time in reuniting with our Prince. Reuniting with my Prince. From what you have told me, Alyse is almost indistinguishable from Ximene and therefore just as attractive! I do not want her left alone with the Prince for any longer than is absolutely necessary. Hurry! Hurry!’

The most dangerous woman in the world

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