79 Stories over Dinner

Alyse Perez-10 June 1355

When Alyse opened the door to Lady Eleanor’s lounge, she was delighted to find she attracted no comment. ‘Thank you, Alyse,’ said Lady Eleanor, ripping off a chunk of bread. ‘Get yourself a drink. Did they say how long our meal would be?’

Alyse gave a heartfelt smile. ‘I think they are bringing it now.’

John was in the middle of a story about his nights guarding the sheep back at home and what it was like to witness the wolves attacking.

Alyse was immediately interested. ‘How did they find you?’

John peered up at her.

‘I thought I told you that before you left.’

In the end, Alyse forced John to tell the story again from the beginning. The food arrived and as they ate, one story lead to another. It went as far as the trick Piers had played at Marmand and amongst the laughter, no-one seemed to notice that Alyse ate very little.

Lady Eleanor suddenly broke in ‘What on earth is happening upstairs, it is getting very late, what can be keeping Ximene?’

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