74 Swimming in Treacle

Ximene Trencavel-10 June 1355

As they neared Foix and entered a narrow gorge, they were forced closer and closer to the Ariège River. The column of soldiers spread out into a long thin line.

Only by passing through these outer defences could the town and the chateau be reached. Ximene knew these defences only too well, they were the outer wall of her prison.  She watched as the twin towers of the chateau slowly emerged above the trees until she could see the chateau itself, elevated on a pillar of rock in the centre of the town.

As they approached Foix,  for the first time in her life, Ximene realised that her view of the future was that it would be worse not better than the past. Once aware of this, she immediately commenced an internal review of what could be done to improve the situation.

She rode Selene reluctantly up the ramp to the main fortification, pausing only to watch as John, riding alongside the Earl at the very rear of the column, turned in his saddle before vanishing from view.

Ximene conscience demanded that she brought Alyse up to date on all the recent events. She was determined to do this before anyone else could talk to her.

They embraced briefly, but Alyse’s demeanour was cool.

Ximene made what she hoped was a non-controversial enquiry.

‘So how were the riding lessons?’

‘Good thank you, I have improved to the point where I feel confident.  You were right about Henry.  He is a good instructor, in fact, he is a lovely man.’

Ximene tilted her head. ‘And…’

‘No nothing. but… Ximene he showed me the Temple.’ Alyse’s eyes dulled. ’The temple confirmed for me that it is you Gaston has wanted all along. You must have known about the temple before you left and you didn’t tell me.’

‘I am sorry Alyse,  I didn’t think there would be any purpose in telling you.’

‘I think you should have told me, but it doesn’t matter now. I want to get away from here.  I am determined to make a fresh start, somewhere else. I do not want to see Gaston again, and that will be almost impossible if I stay.’

Ximene reached out and held Alyse’s hands cupped in her own. ‘In any case, our plans became compromised. For various reasons, the Prince became aware of my determination to escape. From that point, a switch was just impossible, Sorry.’

‘I suppose that means that our planning will be wasted. Never mind, it was fun’

“Talking about fun, I need your help tonight, and we need Pipa as well. She returned with her family today.’

They located Pipa by her voice, at its highest pitch, as she helped her family settle into the lower chateaux.

The campsite the Prince had selected was on the high ground to the west of the Chateau.  It gave them a most impressive view of the chateau but more importantly, it also meant that the occupants of the chateau had a clear view of the camp, transported from Muret and designed to be admired.

In the late afternoon, the three girls climbed to the upper courtyard to watch the raising of the tents.

‘So here I am, back again, and the chances of me getting out of here seem to depend on me agreeing to marry the Prince.  That is something I find myself considering, but I certainly have not yet decided. I still want to gain total independence before I make that decision.’

Pipa was jumping on the spot with impatience. She looked at Ximene and then at Alyse. ‘What have you two been up to? As soon as I returned I noticed a difference. You look almost identical. Are you playing some sort of a game?’

Ximene told Pipa about Gaston’s plans to substitute Alyse for her, and as an afterthought, about the temple.

‘Phillipa almost shrieked her response. “A temple…dedicated to you, he must be obsessed with you.’

Ximene slowly shook her head. ‘Yes and it is not healthy, his obsession is secretive, there is nothing admirable about it, either for him or for me’

She forced a smile. ‘Thank you, Alyse, I meant no harm, I always believed our little ruse could be useful and if you can forgive me we could use it to advantage as early as tonight.  Lady Eleanor has invited two of the Prince’s Guards to spend some time with us. One of these guards, John Stanley, was going to accompany me to Sicily.’

Phillipa broke in. ‘Oooh! John Stanley? I think I know him.’

Ximene chuckled. ‘From what Lady Eleanor has told me I am sure you know him and he is coming here this evening. There will be a chance for you to get to know him better.

‘What do you mean, get to know him better?’

‘Well tonight, there is a desperate need for me to be in two places at the same time and I am in no position to change the arrangements.

She turned to Alyse. ‘ I want you to take my place at a dinner which has been arranged with the Prince and the Comte.’

A look of apprehension spread across Alyse’s face.

Ximene patted Alyse’s forearm. ‘Don’t worry. The real reason for the dinner is so that I can meet the Prince again but I absolutely know that dinner will be followed by negotiations.’

‘You want me to pretend to be you?’

‘Only for the dinner. Afterwards, you will make your excuses, and I will replace you for the negotiations. I must attend the latter part of the meeting myself to get a feel for the current thinking. We will change over in the middle of the evening.’

‘Will we get away with it?’

‘We will have to.’

‘But why, why can’t you be there yourself?’

‘The second event has been organised by my grandmother.’

‘I tried to seduce John Stanley in the hope it would strengthen the bond between us. It was hopeless. It was like swimming in treacle. He has no idea. He loves the romance of making a suit but there is absolutely no follow up even when I showed willing… well I think I  showed willing.’

Grandmother suggested that she, with the help of you two, could conduct an abbreviated version of the transition, to at least give them some idea of what is expected of them. She will act as mentor whilst you two teach them how to give and receive pleasure.’


‘John and Piers, the other guard.’

‘Whoa, how does Piers get involved?’ Pipa almost screamed.

‘Again my Grandmother’s idea. They live in each other’s pocket. If John is involved so must be Piers, at least for now.’

‘Oh! do you think they prefer each others company to that of women?’

‘That may be something we find out, if they do, It would be better to find out now.’

Alyse grinned ‘Sounds fun, and Lady Eleanor wants me to take part in this, but I have still not understood, you are going to take my place?’

‘Grandmother does not want me to be involved, she believes that there should be no emotional involvement between those taking part in any form of transition, but it is too important to me. I want to know first hand how John responds to some instruction… then perhaps I will make a decision about whether there will be an emotional involvement…’ She hesitated. ‘Or Not.’

An hour later Ximene pulled two dresses from her wardrobe.

Alyse laughed. ‘They are from the portrait sittings. They are identical.  The Compte made one for you and one for me. I did not know you had kept them.’

’I do not know why I kept them,  but now I am glad that I did. And you have two identical outfits?’

‘ Almost uniforms. Lady Eleanor is considerate, but she does treat me a bit like a servant. She likes me to always dress the same. I have three of these outfits so that whilst I am wearing one is in my wardrobe and the third one away at the laundry. I never grumbled but it is one of the reasons I succumbed to the Comte’s advances.’


‘Enjoyed his company. Accepted the gift of dresses.’

‘Hmmmm, never mind.  For the next two hours, we are going to be very busy changing places. I want to make the switch at least three times before this evening.  If Grandmother spots the switch, I will abandon my plan. If she does not notice the switches we will go ahead.

Two hours later Ximene was ecstatic. “Grandmother had no idea. This works because people see what they expect to see. Unless they are surprised they pay little attention. We can go ahead. When the boys arrive, I will greet them at the door, pretending to be you… ’

The most dangerous woman in the world