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Ximene – The Most Dangerous Woman in the World

The middle of the 14th century is a world rich in contrasts, an amalgam of adventure, romance,and danger. It is a world of great opportunity for those with courage and vision, but a world in which the cost of failure is often a brutally violent death.

From the never ending chaos of feudalism, where changes in allegiance have  led to shifting boundaries and constant warfare, emerges the concept of nation states. Unfortunately this only serves to exacerbate the situation.

The major religions align themselves with the embrio nations and take the opportunity to use concepts of heresy to subdue and eliminate even minor departures from the chosen dogmas.

Those who have the ambition to improve governance or overcome oppression have no choice. They must learn the skills needed to survive, surrounded by violence and treachery.

Surprisingly, in England, a group of women emerges who for a short period dominate governance and politics.

The mysterious Diana, Countess of Shaftesbury leads this group. Many resent and question her power and influence. Who exactly is she? From where did she gain her wealth? What is her mission?

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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