The King’s Ransom Timeline 1355-1360

 The Adventures of Ximene Trencavel

Timeline 1355-1358

December 1355 Alise Perez arrives in Seville to rejoin her mother Maria De Pedella
December 1355 Charles of Navarre, Gaston's brother in law, attempts to overthrow John II of France.
January 1356 Du Guesclin attempting to kidnap Alyse,thinking she is Ximene,is ambushed by Pedro, Alyse's father. Du Guesclin escapes with his life, but only just. Pedro has gained a bitter enemy.
January 1356 Ximene travels to England, meets King Edward and commences negotiations.
January 1356 John works with Jean de Grailly, Capital du Buch to prepare an Anglo-Gascon army for an invasion of France.
5 April 1356 Charles of Navarre arrested and put in prison.
19 September 1356, The Black Prince wins battle of Poitiers and captures Jean II, the Frankish King.

November 1356 Gaston is released from jail.
1356 Bertrand do Guesclin holds out
 in Rennes
Ximene learns that Lord James Audley is a hero but has also been badly injured.
March 1357 Ximene is in London when army returns. John is at head of Princes Guard.
1357 Truce Declared between England and France until April 1359
1357 Black Prince decides John has talent in jousting
1357 In France Estates write the 
Grand Ordinance.
Oct 1357 Gaston and the Captal de Buch leave for "German" Crusade.
30th November 1357  Charles of Navarre is released from jail and is invited to Paris and is greeted "like a monarch"
November 1357 Bertrand du Guesclin is given 
a life pension for his defence of Rennes.

Time line 1358-1360

22 January 1358 Etienne Marcel declares Paris independent of Dauphin.
January 1358 Charles of Navarre retires from Paris to Normandy and declares war on Dauphin.
26th February 1358  Charles of Navarre returns to Paris.
April 1358  Civil war in the immediate vicinity of Paris.
April 1358 The revolt of the Jacquerie
June 10 1358 Jacquerie defeated at battle of Mello by Charles of Navarre (and at Meaux by his brother-in-law Gaston Febus, mysteriously returning from the crusade).
May 1358 1st treaty of London. Ransom for King Jean 6m gold ecus of which 600,000 are required before release.
10 August 1358 Amnesty granted to all involved in the Jaquerie, both those who revolted and those who took part in the ruthless suppression.
November 1358  Still no ransom.
July 1359 King Jean moved From the Savoy to Smarten castle in Lincolnshire
24 march 1359 King John signs 2nd treaty of London and declares alliance with England against Charles of Navarre, (Charles lands in France to be ceeded to Edward in addition to previous treaty)
September 1359 John Stanley becomes tournament champion of Europe.
December 1359 King Edward invades France and lays siege to Reims. Siege of Reims fails. Thomas Chaucer is captured by French.
Monday 13th 1360 April -  Black Monday. Edward's army immobilised by appalling weather.
1 May 1360 Treaty of Bretigny. Charles of Navarres lands given to France, not England.
1360 King Edward renounces any claim to the French throne. In return King Jean recognises independence for Aquitaine.
November 1360 King John released and is accompanied by Ximene on his return to France.
1360 The tournament at Winchester
1360 Alyse Perrers (Perez)
arrives in England
November 1360 Joan of Kent Marries Black Prince in secret. Marriage is rejected by Pope.
10th October 1361 Prince and Joan re-marry.
January 1362 Party at Landon House

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