Introduction (shadow)

From 1360 to1366

is mainly about Ximene building her fleet- but

starts with the ambassador. &

Ximene as Eagle

Death of maria pedalla 1361.

Alyse returns  to Sevilla.1361

black prince prince of aquitaine September 1362

alyse returns from castile 1362 with stores of horror

1363 alyse mistess of edward III

John accompanies John Chandos  arranging renunciations in gascony.

English did not want to give up what they had gained. But Completed by 1362

discovers that a truce is one thing but unruly mercenaries and marcher lords are another.

This was by no means his only crime. He induced his cousin, Pierre Arnaut de Béarn, governor of the Castle of Lourdes, to visit him, on the plea that he wished to discuss matters with him. Arnaut held Lourdes for the English. Gaston Phœbus desired to acquire this stronghold, which was the key to the Valley of Argelez. He received Arnaut in a friendly manner, and they dined together. For three days he showed him lavish hospitality, and then demanded the surrender of the castle. Arnaut refused. “I hold it for the King of England. It has been confided to my honour,” he replied, “and to no other person will I surrender my trust.” Gaston Phœbus flew into one of his mad fits of rage, rushed upon him, and stabbed him in five places with his dagger. “My Lord,” said the gallant castellan, “this is ungentle treatment, to summon me to your house as a guest, and therein to murder me.” The Count ordered him to be flung into a dungeon, where he died of his wounds.

The crime availed Phœbus nothing, for Jean, the brother of Pierre, had been left in charge of the castle, and he refused to give it up.

constable of lourdes sir peter arnaud de bearn.

Companions John de Bearn, Peter D’anchin, Ernauton de St Colombe, Ernauton de Motague.

john prevaricates.  but helps gaston prepare to invade Amagnac believing this the first stage to freeing Occitan.

5 december 1362 battle of launac. Gaston invades Armagnac  using english tactics introduced by john. Unexpectedly he captures rather than kills armagnacs. He knows that should he decide to claim Armagnac there will always be opposition he decides on substantial ransoms.

he settles on building his own autonomous state.

gaston refuses to swear allegiance through Chandos.

john reports this to the prince

john defeats prince in a tournament

John Meets Marie de l’Aspois whose father asks John to marry her to avoid the unwelcome attentions of Marnaut Barbasin.

high level meeting at tarriers Ximene and john invited by prince.

Ximene meets marie and discovers that marriage has not been consummated

long discussion with marie and attempt to lead her through transition is ineffectual.

may 1363 black prince and joan visit tarbre  armagnac asks prince to tell foix to waive his ransom prince refuses. armagnac asks joan she agrees to reduction from 380,000 to 320000 . result prince looses support of both armagnac and foix

Lourdes becomes strongpoint.  gaston offers bearn as haven for cathars but only within cathar houses. Ximene asks permission for john to escort her back to landon. spends two weeks by lake at biscarrosse and then returns to england.

marie learns of this and obtains a dissolution of her marriage to john, marrying Maraut Barbasin instead

1364du guesclin defeats charles of navarre at  cockerel

september 1364 du guesclin defeated and captured by John Chandos at Auray

1363 john d’armagnac pays fealty to black prince

12 january 1364 gaston pays homage to first edward III an then black prince at agen or does he? for marsan and Gavardan yes but not for bearn it seems.

1364 king john returned to england

1365 king john dies

armagnac in revolt  again

gaston refuses to swear fealty to prince for bearn

john and ximene visit gaston

john is asked by prince to marry marie he wants to refuse but Ximene persuades him to agree.

exploration of myths of marriage. emphasis on marriage night surrender.

john tries to find out what gives her pleasure she does not want to talk about it. she expects him to know.

john appeals to ximene who takes the role of tutor without success.

marie returns to the man who was threatening to carry her off.

prince blames john for failure of what would have been a valuable

objective to invade armagnac and secure it for the prince

battle of lunac

gaston army wins but reneges on his agreement.

Ximene confronts gaston and accuses him of treachery.

the meeting at which armagnac asked prince for release from his ransom and  joan intervenes

gaston kidnaps ximene  sends agnes away and plans to invade occitan he plans to marry.

john invades orthez and rescues Ximene.

1360 muhammed  V Overthrown

september 1361 death of maria pedilla 

november 1361 the Ambassador

december 1361 castilians invade grenada

january 1362 defeat of castillians at gaudix

April 25th 1362  execution of muhammed 

Christmas 1364  landon house.king john in attendance?

Arrive grenada in early october 1365 

VI John ximene and Yvette in through Malaga

henry trastamara invasion March 1366 (du guesclin)

john and ximene rescue  isabel and constance

Peter restored 1367

book 4 ends with rescue of Perez sisters in 1366

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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