Vol IV Synopsis 1360 -1366

Ximene now has a fleet of ships,

Trading is not however only about the possession of a fleet. When at sea there is danger caused by the weather and there pirates to contend with, The difficulties  of coveying goods of trade Across  the lands between oceans are even greater.

In France all individual landowners charge tax for crossing their land. Helped by the agreements she reached with King John Ximene negotiates to the cheapest possible rates between the Mediteranean and the Atlantic.

She contacts John Stanley, who is involved in getting all the lords of the Garronne valley to renew their oath of allegiance to the Prince to purchase land on her behalf. John aquires a reputation as a rich young man with good connections.

John is drawn into a political marriage which is an amorous disaster. Ximene learns of John’s difficulties and attemps to act as mediator and mentor , but without success.

the whole area is affected by the war between her uncle, Gaston of Foix and the Comte of Armagnac.

john becomes military advisor to Gaston.

Southern Spain is a legitimate alternative to France. She asks Alyse to intervene with King Pedro to establish a trading route through his territory. This route is then affected by the war between the Moorish kingdon of Grenada and the Christian kingdom of Peter of Castille.

The situation in Castille deteriorates and at Alyse’srequest in 1366 Ximene intervenes to rescue Peters daughters.

Despite these difficulties overall she is succesful. Her trading empire extends all down the atlantic coast,  and to  the levant.

In 1366  Alyse Perez becomes the mistress of Edward III.

This gives anothe boost to Ximenes influence.

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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