18 –15th July — Princess of Castile — Copy

Joan of Kent – 4th July 1355

‘So Alyse, how do you like Bordeaux?’

Joan watched for any nuance which might tell her how Alyse did feel.

I love it, every bit of it. The city, the river, the society. it is exactly what I had hoped for.

Good and I intend to help you enjoy it. But first some ground rules. You are believed to be the Prince’s future wife you are expected to be continually in his company. There will my darling be dinners, fetes and tournaments and the Prince is… only human. you are a very attractive woman and he may prove to be overly attentive. but I would like you to know, he is not available.

this not an unfamiliar situation. I spent over twelve months at Foix believing that The comte would make his suite for my affection but it never happened

who are you w

would you like to meet the king

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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