80 — Where is She?

Estevan ‘s surgery had a window overlooking the valley. He watched with horror as Ximene was captured and carried away through St Ferriole and down the road towards Esperaza. He knew there would have been no chance of a successful intervention., so he waited impatiently until the last of the hunting party had left the village. He then mounted his horse and raced at breakneck speed down the hill to Mazarou. He found Phillipa reading. When he told her what had happened she ran to the stables and saddled Selene. He managed to persuade her that a discussion with Don Fernandino might be advisable.

They found Don Fernandino luxuriating in one of the bathtubs. Once he knew what had happened, he reacted quickly.

‘I was planning to move today or tomorrow to the hunting lodge on the banks of the Aude at Couisa. He shook his head. ‘ Now… we will move there immediately.’ He paused. but we need help! I have been waiting for a message from Le Moulin Blanche at Rouffiac d’Aude so that I can be informed of the movements of Black Prince’s army and decide whether any conflict caused by their passage will threaten us. He frowned. ‘ If they took the road towards Esperaza they may well be intending to take her to Campagne sur Aude, Couisa itself or more likely to Limoux, where the bishop for this area has his palace.  We will follow the same road they took and see if we can pick up any information on the way.  Estevan will you stay here for the next twenty-four hours to cover for the chance that Ximene escapes and finds her way back here?

Estavan nodded. ‘Of course, yes.’ 

If she does come back here, take  her immediately to the hunting lodge. 

Estevan walked down the tunnel and watched them depart. He felt isolated, lonely and threatened. He had been excluded from the action left with nothing to do but worry about Ximene’s fate.





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