The Prisoner of Foix Timescale 1338-1355

The Adventures of Ximene Trencavel

Underlying Events

Note that all the action for book I “The prisoner of Foix takes place between 1353 and 1355

Timeline 1338-1355


1338 Birth of John Stanley
1340 Joan of Kent, at twelve years of age enters into clandestine marriage with John Holland
1341 Joan marries William Montacute
1341 King Edward III of England reneges on depts to Italian Banks
1346 Black Prince earns his spurs at 
Battle of Crecy. 
(The end of the age of Chivalry)
1348 King Edward attempts to rape Joan 
at the ball after the siege of Calais. 
(founding of the order of the Garter)
1349 Joan is forced to return 
to John Holland
1355 The tournament at Woodstock

Timeline 1338-1355


1339 Birth of Ximene Trencavel

1342 Jaques Fournier (Pope Benedict) Dies
1348 Death of Ximene's parents blamed on Black Death.
1350 Gaston Febus makes himself Ximene's guardian
1354 Froissart Visits Foix
1352 Ximene attends Gaston's marriage to Agnes de Navarre (daughter of Charles de Navarre in Paris
1354 Joan of Kent attends Ximene's Progression in Bearn.
1354 Du Guesclin lays siege to Montmuran
1354 Froissart visits Foix
1355 Black Prince lands at Arcachon
1355 The Black Prince is betrothed
to Ximene Trencavel

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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