Act III The Climax

The stories merge

From now on there is only one story and it will be told through John’s eyes with occasional glimpses of Ximene’s machinations.

Meeting the Goddess

In his role as a member of the Prince’s bodyguard, John Is given the task of ensuring the security of Lady Eleanor and Ximene, whilst they are in the Prince’s camp. Lady Eleanor instinctively decides to bring John and Ximene closer together and, under Joan’s influence, Salisbury makes no objections.  John Literally meets the Goddess.


Ximene aided and abetted by her grandmother gently seduces John.

He becomes devoted to her but also apprehensive that a sexual affair with a future Queen of England could be treasonable.


John rides with Ximene on the hunt and single-handedly repulses  Du Guesclin’s attempt to kidnap her.

Seizing the sword

Whilst watering the horses after their return to camp Ximene and John exchange a kiss. 

The Chapters

I had great difficulty with the three act structure identifying the mid point crisis. In the Five Act Structure Andy Rutter offers advice that the crisis is a whole act; a series of events, not a single event. That sits much better with the stories about Ximene.

Possibly  the Chapter “Thierry d’Arques” should be included in the crisis.

34 The Arrival

At last John Meets Ximene. The machinations of the Earl and Lady Eleanor mean that John gets much closer to Ximene than does the Prince.

POV Third person personal (John)

Mutual Attraction

There is mutual attraction. Ximene quickly decides to use John in her scheme to escape and equally quickly earns the support of her grandmother and the Prince.The seduction of John is a much needed return to the feminine.

POV Third person personal(John) switch to Third person personal (Ximene) and back to third person (John) again

The Hunt

Every morning Ximene recieves a message to let her know whether Don Fernandino has arrived or not. Every day she goes out to hunt hoping tomorrow will be the day when she escapes. Then the combined forces of du Guesclin and the Inquistion decide to take a hand.  


The Betrothal

John is plunged into despair, The Prince chooses to annouce Ximene as the next Queen of England. Neither Gaston nor Ximene are happy about this unilateral declaration made before any contract details have been made. Perhaps there is still hope for John.


The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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