My Family

After many famous( or notorious within my immediate family)adventures with Filemaker,, I have decided to show the basics of my family tree on the most readily accessable product – FamilyTreeMaker. the content is derived from what Great Aunt Gertrude told me but also expanded by information now available on the web. Database

In particular I am indebted to Jamie Allen. On her site my ancestors are a tiny, tiny part. If you have even an inkling of who your ancestors might be a visit to Jamie’s site is mandatory

Jamie’s Fabulous Pedigree

I also used Maximilian and purchased a copy of their database which I still use.


Finally I used Stirnet, This is an interesting site which i beleive was created as part of the provisions of a will. Whatever it’s origins it gives very detailed  records of many notable families. They charge a fee to access their records but I believe the link between Catherine Murray, who is my “gateway ancestor” and Mungo Murray was first made through Stirnet.


The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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Pseudo History