Gods and men

The. Religion(Religions?) of Ancient Greece also depict the gradual descent from gods to humans. It is a remarkably rapid transition.

One version has the transition from the god head Uranus to Aeneas, the founder of Rome in only four generations Uranus – Cronus-Zeus-Aphrodyte-Aneus.

Aphodyte and Adonis

The birth of Aphodyte like  that of Isis is surround by mystery. She was both the aunt and daughter of Zeus but unlike her Egyptian counterpart was dominated by Zeus who made a succession of judgements which affected her life. Adonis was killed by a boar and Zeus twice sent Adonis, Aphrodyte’s lover to the underworld but twice at Aphrodyte’s request ressurected him. Adonis became associated with the cycle of winter and summer as Zeus’ final judgement was that he be confined in the underworld for six months of every year,

Isis,Osiris and Set

Although the stories are very different from the Egyptian stories of Isis there are strong parallels. Isis had a lover, Osiris who was murdered by his brother Set  and resurrected by Isis but only long enough to  conceive Horus the first pharaoh. Set then ripped Osiris body to shreds and scattered the pieces throughout Egypt. Isis once again reassembled the pieces to give Osiris a decent burial whereby Osiris was reincarnated once more as god of the underworld. Osiris became associated with day and night , as the sun went to the underworld every night, but also with the seasons and in particular with the yearly flooding (resurrection) of the nile.

Jesus and Magdelene

The greek legend of Aphrodyte/Adonis (literally translated “the Lord”) could  be a halfway point between Isis /Osiris and Jesus / Magdelelene at least as far as the story of death and resurrection. It raises a question of wether the Jesus story was preplanned to mirror both earlier mythological events.


Just one small detail one version has Aphrodyte as “Aphrodyte Ouriana” “Aphrodyte of Heaven” and in the search for the true identity of Mary Magdelene, she is identified as Miriamne Auriania and although it is acknowledged Auriania is the name of a place it is recognised that it also means  “of Heaven”.

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