Quite Remarkable

Final Line

highlight Persepolis is in perfect alignment with two islands in the Indian Ocean. In most circumstances this could be regarded as at the very least surprising, but after the sensational alignments derived from following other lines it would be easy to be unimpressed.


reunion However, one of those islands is Reunion which distinguishes itself by having an active volcano. The Island is considered by geologists to be similar to the “big” island of Hawaii.

Piton de la Fournaise, the active volcano on Reunion is called a “sister” to the Hawaian volcanoes, because of similarities of both climate and volcanic nature.


hawaii At this point the line ceases to be disappointing. Incredibly, and I can think of no other word, the extension of the line through the fire temple at Yazd, when extended to the far side of the world passes through the big island of Hawaii.

14-mauna-kea Not only that but it passes directly through the volano Mauna Kea. Traditionally this volcano was treated by the Hawaian natives as sacred.

Magnetic North!

north-pole Following the same line to the north runs through Russia, parallel to the Urals. There seems to be no significant point on this line. However I have now reached the stage where I believe that there probably is, it is just that I do not know about it. I have carried out searches of the most important shrines of the Russian Orthodox Church but none of them seem to fall on the line. Further north the line misses the north pole by a significant margin.

over-the-pole It passes through the location of the magnetic north as it was circa 1600 AD ,but this could not be significant as it was only a transient point. As can be seen from this digram the magnetic north moves around over comparitively large distances. Magnetic north has now recently recrossed the Persepolis line and is currently heading for Russia.

This diagram reveals however that the line, having transversed the polar regions, passes through or close to, Seattle.



In fact closer examination shows that this particular line does pass through Seattle. To be specific the Redmond area of Seattle. To be yet more specific the line passes through the Microsoft campus. It is possible to identify the building which lies on the line and it is–Studio C.

Certainly the Microsoft HQ was built after 1971. It is probable that the HQ, of which studio C is a part, was originally planned in the 1990’s. it would have been possible for the planners to have done exactly the same research I have done and to choose to put their headquarters on one of these lines. Did they do that? If so why? Can it possibly be just an enormous co-incidence?

The Rivers

african-rivers It gets even more incredible. There is always a possibility that man made structures can be manipulated to comply with a known pattern. However, in Africa there are multiple points, the sources of the great rivers, a totally natural phenomenon which form a single alignment. An alignment which passes through Persepolis! This means that a complete water shed though the african continent is aligned with Persepolis.

yangtze-3 If the line though Peshawar is extended, it passes through the source and the mouth of the Yangtze.

The Virgin of Santiago

the-virgin-of-santiago-2 If this same line is followed west it it is found that the virgin of Santiago is directly on the line.

the-virgin-of-santiago Here is a second view of the Virgin with the city of Santiago in the background.


washington If the line through Warsaw is followed east it once again traverses the United States but this time the east coast passing close to New York, Philadelphia and Washington

lincoln-memorial As has been found in many other instances it does not just pass close to Washington it passes though it and again to be specific it passes directly through the Lincoln memorial.

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