The Alternative message

Herod Archleus

43-one-god Jesus Message was a very roman message, intended to stabilise the Empire and make expansion possible without war. A common code of ethics for the empire and beyond the empire.

Only one god – the power behind the universe.

God is pure energy and the creatures of the physical world are also pure energy. God is in every one of us. We can visualise God in anyway we want to asist in making us comfortable with this concept; as a Man, as Woman, as fire, a stream, an ancient tree, anywayat all which each individual is comfortable with, but there is only one God.

Only one state.

The Roman state is as good as any other. The concept of the Cursus Honorarium is a good one, it prepares people for the ever greater responsibility of the higher ranks of government, but there is too much emphasis on wealth in progression through the system.

From the very lowest level the state should provide an adequate income for those who enter the system. This will enable the best people to progress and lessen the chance of bribery and corruption. At every level the emphasis should be on service not on the acquisition of power. There should be state schooling for everyone to promote this concept.

The most important service is defining the laws which govern society and defining plans for improving society. Tenure of office at the highest level should be limited to five years so that there is no opportunity for anyone to gain absolute power.

The Cursus Honorium also has placed too much emphasis on war. If there is only one state there will be no need for war. There would however, be a need for a civil force to implement both laws and plans for improvement. This would be organised in much the army but must be subject to the closest control .


By accepting concepts of Zoroastrianism and Buddism this code of ethics should be acceptable to the peoples east of the Empire. By including concepts of service rather than the acquisition of power, it should appeal to those to the north and west of the Empire.

Most important of all however the code must be acceptable to the Jews. The jews had made their resentment of Roman Rule very clear and their trading activities had lead to their spread throughout the empire.

It was recognised that to be acceptable to the Jews the code of ethics would have to be introduced by someone the Jews accepted had the authority to teach.

Hence the carefully scripted structure of Jesus apparent family.


Thus, an explanation can be given for one of the greatest mysteries of all time;why was so much attention payed to what Jesus said. In first Galilee and then in Judaea his word was accepted as his lineage was impeccable. For the rest of the world his teaching represented a radical departure some someone who was thought to be Jewish and from the very start his teaching was Promoted by the Roman state.

If accepted Jesus message could lead to Roman rule spreading throughout the world.

There was another factor however.

It can be learned from the continued pursuit of line breeding that there would be a position at the head of state for a member of the Egypto-Roman Royal family.

It was believed that the “sacred’ blood line would allow for the correct guidance of the “children” and ensure the correct administration is applied.

The heredity nature of the tenure of the “Sacred Blood Line” would insulate the whole state against corruption.

Incredibly though the rest of the Jesus message was lost or distorted, this is the feature which has survived the turmoil of the emergence of the Church of Rome The associated fall of the empire and the emergence of Dozens of indepenent nations. It has survived through to the twenty-first century.

The Sangreal is not about descent from Jesus or even Cleopatra, it is about descent from Isis, the godhead.

36-peter-and-paul Plans were made for the new code to be disseminated and a great deal of autonomy was give to each region. As long as the basic concepts were implemented the details could be allowed to vary.The underlying intention was wonderful. No more different nations, no more different religions, no more ethnic divisions.

To emphasis that the Jewish messiah had delivered a distinctly non jewish message the Egyptian-Romans stage managed the illusion of a trial and cruxifiction. It was made to appear that the Jews had rejected their own Messiah.

However, the Egyptian Romans underestimated the Jews.

Threatened by the initial success of the message a breakaway group who may or may not have been disciples of Jesus during his ministry claimed to be the true interpreters of what Jesus had taught and twisted it to suit their own ends.

What came to be believed by Jews in the cities of the empire bore no relation to the original message.

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