The Piso Chronicles

Josephus was a Piso

A by-product of investigations into these scenarios is the discovery of a theory that the whole of the new testament, all four gospels, acts of the apostles and epistles and revelations was created by the Piso branch of the Gens Calpurnia.

The scenario also requires that the writings of Josephus, the roman historian with Jewish origins, who mentions Jesus as a historical figure were also a Piso fabrication.

The Piso motivation was to subvert the spread of Judaism and created a set of beliefs which made the lower levels of roman society accepting of their role and therefore preserve their own privileged position. In the Piso scenario, Jesus never existed and everything in the new testament is manipulative fiction.

Necessary Fiction

claudius Claudius had close relations with the Piso family not least that his daughter by Mariamne Arria, who was possibl Mary Magdelene under her Roman name, married Gaius Calpurnius Piso. Their son Arrias Antonias Calpurnius Piso is considered to be possibly to be the author of the books attributed to Josephus and at lest one of the gospels.

Why was this necessary?

Total Deception

If this final scenario is true then the Cathars, despite their separate heritage and development away from the influence of Rome, were fooled as completely as members of the Church of Rome.

Initially, because Ximene as a Cathar could not have known of this scenario, it have given it  a lower level of attention. However there is a sting in the tail of this tale. Another theory is that the four main gospels were all based on an earlier gospel, known as the Gospel Q.

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