There is a rational explanation for the parting of the waters during the exodus.


Any excuse for showing a picture of Santorini!.

The Eruption

J, M and J /13 /santorini/66 At around the same time that the Hsycos were leaving Egypt  (1500  BC) another event occurred which changed world history. The Island of Santorini,  part of the Minoan empire, was blown apart by a major catastrophic volcanic eruption.

The Tusami

Santorini/20/santorini-50/138 There is a belief that the earthquake produced a Tusami in the Mediterranean.  This phenomenon results in a significant drop in water levels followed by a tidal wave.  The eruption was one of the largest volcanic events on Earth in recorded history.What certainly did happen was that the Minoan civilisation based on Crete was severely impacted and never recovered. The Minoan civilisation may have been a flourishing outpost of Egyptian civilisation, certainly there was extensive trade between Egypt and Crete and the Minoans generally worshipped goddesses not gods!

The Parting of the Waters

J, M and J /13 /the exodus/67 If the Hyskos were leaving Egypt across the delta instead of via the red sea this phenomenon could have resulted in the parting of the waters which allowed the Hyskos to escape. The subsequent tidal wave could then have consumed the pursuing Egyptians.

This simulation of the Sentorini tidal waves can be seen in an animated version at:-

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