In 1350 there was a resurgence of interest in the Sangreal. In the past a series of dubious, poorly documented bloodliness has been used to justify the appointment of Kings and Emperors. Those with ambitions to assume regal powers had used extensions of the same geneologies to support their own claims. The underlying assumption was that there is a direct identifiable bloodline between Jesus and those who had the right to rule.


The possession of these bloodlines has been used to elevate William of Normandy to the throne of England; the Stewart family to the throne of Scotland, Hugh Capet to the throne of France, and Goeffroi de Bouillon to the Crusader throne of Jerusalem as the new King of the Jews, and most recently Pedro ” the Catholic” to the throne of Aragon.

This most recent interest was triggered by the Capet rulers of  France in an attempt to prove superiority above all other rulers.  Isabel, “She wolf of France” in her search to justify the murder of her husband and the elevation of her lover Roger Mortimer to the English Throne has enthusiastically picked up on this theme (see “The role of women” for more information on Isabelle}. Now it becomes public knowledge that Maria de Pedilla is reputed to have a different,”purer” strain of the Sangreal.

This purer strain is said to result from an unbroken matrilinear descent from Tamar, daughter of Jesu and Mary Magdalen and also Rugayvah, daughter of Mohammed the Prophet. Pedro of Castile has taken Maria and his mistressand they have three daughters. A scramble will soon strart to gain control of this new bloodline. Because Ximene’s grandmother is Maria’s sister Ximene also carries the bloodline. However in Ximene’s case the bloodline has come through her father and the pure matrilineal line has been broken,

Ximene’s grandmother has a copy of the Sangreal geneology in her library , which she inavertently showed to Gaston, Ximene’s guardian. Gaston is the one who has made the Genealogy public

There is now much speculation that the bloodline goes back much further than Tamar and Jesus her father.  This speculation raises the possiblity that the ancient source of the bloodline may be Cleopatra and possibly through her the God’s of Ancient Egypt, perhaps Isis herself.  (Under Insights/Pseudo History/Ximene’s Genealogy the whole detailed geneology has been recreated.)


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