Prince of Aquitaine

The Prince’s establishes, as Prince and Princess of Aquitaine Establish a glittering court in Bordeaux. 

He has to consolidate his hold on lands throughout Aquitane. The person he has most problems with Is Gaston de Foix.

Renunciations is the word for a process  of confirming tne allegiance of the local lords, John is given the task of arranging the renunciations.

There are many sub plots.

There is a war between Gaston and the compte d’Armagnac.

Ximene obtains a contract from the Prince  to provide merchant shipping for the whole of the Atlantic Coast. There is conflict between her ships and the Atlantic fleet of Les Etoilles

It becomes necessary to rescue Alyse’s sisters from Seville.

John marries Marie D’Aspois, by this marriage he may gain control of a substantial  part of Occitan. The marriage does not work out. Despite Xime offering herself as a marriage councillor the marriage fails.

The events surrounding the war between Castile and Aragon, which culminates in the Black Prince’s victory at nadir

As part of this process John’s profile is enhanced and he is asked to cement one part of the renunciations by marrying  Marie d’Aspois. She is under pressure to marry Marnaut Barbasin who’s lands lie on the Frankish side of the new border. If  Marie were to marry Marnaut it would have the potential to fragment the new border. This could make John Heir to substantial lands in occitan

John tries to refuse but Ximene insists he does. She renews her relationship with John to persuade him to marry another woman.

Don Fernandino is killed by pirates whilst sailing through the straights of gibraltar. Re enter Thierry

John becomes involved in Gaston’s invasion of Armagnac. despite a spectacular victory Gaston decides to impose an enormous  ransome rather than take over Armagnac he follows this up by refusing to swear allegiance to the prince for Bearn.

John and Ximene are invited to a high level meeting involving the Prince, Joan, Gaston and the comte d’armagnac in Tarbres.

At this meeting Joan and Ximene discover that John’s marriage has not been consummated and they set out to finfd our who is “at fault”.

Armagnac asks Prince to tell Foix to waive his ransom. Prince refuses. Armagnac asks Joan she agrees to reduction from 380,000 to 320000 . Result Prince looses support of both Armagnac and Foix.

Gaston lures Ximene to  Orthez  to consider setting up the cathar haven in Bearn. As part of this he once again refuses to  swear allegiance to the Prince

The Prince does not want to take part but influenced by Joan he makes half his army to John who besige Orthez, but John rescues Ximene  by penetrating the Château in disguise and defeating Gaston in personal combat.

Bearn does become a Cathar Haven.

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