Right to Rule

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Once again the Baron’s challenge the authority of the appointed king this time however the challengers include Richard II’s cousin, Henry Bolingbroke claims the throne citing his mothers “greater nobility” In the meantime the Mortimers regained their position and one of their number is now the heir to the throne. Bolingbroke’s claim opens the door for the Mortimers to claim even greater “nobility”. None of this is of great importance to Ximene but as the Wars of the Roses commences it is impossible to avoid becoming embroiled in the turmoil.

[tab title=” Timeline 1386-1390″]

1386 John of Gaunt claims throne of Castile  in the name of his wife(supported by Alyse and Phillipa de Roet)

1386 John Stanley claims Lathom Estates in the name of his wife

1387 Death of Phillipa ( in Castile)

1387 Birth of Henry V

1387 Richard II beaten at battle of Radcot bridge

1389 Roger Mortimer, heir to english throne, second term as Lord Lieutenant

1389 Roger Mortimer, killed in battle

1390 Death of Ellen de Lathom,


[tab title=” Timeline 1392-1399″]

1392 Death of Isabella of Castile

1394 Death of Constance

1396 John of Gaunt marries Catherine

1398 Henry of Bolingbroke, Gaunt’s son, sent into exile

1399 Death of John of Gaunt, Richard seizes all his estates. Richard opposed by Catherine and therefore by John Stanley.


[tab title=” Timeline 1399-14o6″]

1399 John Stanley invites Richard to Ireland

1399 Richard II deposed by Henry of Bolingbroke (Henry IV, Son of John of Gaunt) Henry opposed by Alyse, Constance and Isabella

1399 John Stanley reappointed as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland

1400 Death of Alyse Perrers

1403 Battle of Shrewsbury

1404 French renew attacks on Aquitaine

1404 French recognise Glyn Dower as “Prince of Wales”

1406 John Stanley appointed King of Mann


[tab title=” Timeline 1406-1414″]

1406 John Stanley Jr finally inherits Lathom

1406 John Stanley Knight of the Garter

1407 John,  delivered the Isle from Papal authority. [The Isle was a center of Druidism who were its primary teachers.]

1413 Death of Henry IV

1413 John Stanley again appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland

1414 Death of John Stanley

1414 Death  of Ximene

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