Jesus was not God


Cathars do not believe that Jesus was God. Further they believe that the story of his life and passion was an illusion.

The Church of Rome claimes Jesus is God. In fact nearly 400 years after the first emergence of christianity the Church of rome decided there were three “consubstantial” Gods. the Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Ghost. God the father was the creator of the universe but the actual “Father of Jesus” was nominated as the Holy Ghost. In the eyes of the Church of Rome the Devil is a fallen angel, a creation of the consubstantial Gods dismissed from heaven for disobediance. on death every human will either ascend into heaven and experience perpetual happiness or descend into hell and experience eternal suffering.

Good Man

The Cathars, however,  believe that Jesus was a good man but not God.

The Good God, as pure energy, cannot take a physical form. Jesus was not Set or Set’s son either for the same reasons.  Jesus was not the person the Church of Rome describes. The Church of Rome has twisted everything Jesus taught and wound it into a wicked fiction. Even the events surrounding his death are an illusion.

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