Not the Old Testament

Cathars  are taught about the content of the old testament but only to show that the God depicted, Set, and is full of anger, jealousy and retribution.
From the description of the garden of Eden through to the establishment of the state of Israel and Judah, the story is one of unmitigated disaster compounded by jealousy and intolerance , under the guidance of a malevolent God. Jesus message to the Jews and the rest of mankind is that we must abandon all traces of these Jewish beliefs.

First there is creation, then dismissal from Eden into the physical world. The reason for dismissal was given as “that they did eat of the tree of knowledge” but both Judaism and the Church of Rome teach that this was a simile for sexual activity. So this dreadful punishment was for experiencing pleasure. a pleasure given us by the Good God.

After several generations of learning about pain and suffering, one of Jacob’s sons, Joseph, was sold into slavery in Egypt and his descendants became Egyptian slaves. Set played a big part in the escape from Egypt. He did a deal with the Isrealites, as they were now called, to worship him above all others in return for escape. Moses was inspired to lead the Isrealites out of bondage and received from Set the Ten Commandments. Moses then vanished from the biblical record.

Not all the Isrealites believed in Set and he continually vented his anger on those who strayed.

The Israelites settled on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. After a significant period of time that the kingdom of Israel emerged. The power of the kings of Israel, was however balanced by the power of the priests who made sure they followed the will of Set.

After death of Solomon the nation split into the separate nations of Judah and Isreal. Judah was conquered by the Babylonians and Israel fell to the Assyrians.

The ten tribes who made up Israel never returned from captivity, but the tribes of Judah ( Judah and Benjamin) eventually returned to Jerusalem.

These unfortunate experiences were blamed on marrying gentiles and the subsequent import of false gods. Set, through his prophets played a continuing part in educating the Jews into obedience to his will.   He often intervened directly to punish those who would not obey.

Judeans came to believe that if they did obey Set, a great leader would emerge who would conquor the whole world and impose Judaism on all nations.

The were again conquered , this time by the Romans. Romans had a reputation for religious tolerance absorbing the gods of many different cultures into their religious system. They also granted citizenship and even awarded senate seats to those who accepted Roman rule. They were infuriated by the Jews, whose religion was indivisably entwined with rampant nationalism.

Jesus message to the Jews and the rest of mankind is that we must abandon all traces of these Jewish beliefs.

Many attempts were made to wean the Jews away from their worship of Set and the doctrine of separatism. In the end the Romans lost patienece,they expelled all the Jews from their homeland and forbade them to return.

Cathars did however have sympathy for the followers of Set. They believed that by displaying tolerance and consideration and showing the joy of following the Good God both Jews and Members of the Church of Rome would be converted.

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