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In the period before my return to Rennes I spent some time looking at the pentagram I had created. I now discovered a second pentagram based on the alignment lines


This second pentagram which suggested it self is 3.77 kilometres outside of the first pentagram which converts to 233 centi-milles, a fibonacci number.

Even at this point a new set of alignments projections were suggesting themselves. Some of these are suggested by the turquoise lines on this diagram.

Another set of Alignments

the-apple-pentagram-2-8 These alignments stretch out in every direction. As was the case with the earlier alignments I identified each line intersects all intersect exactly with a major feature.

Perhaps most interesting is the highest point on Mont Aigoul, which hosts the only permanently manned weather station in France and which is famous for the fact that on a clear day it is possible to see the Mediterranean coastline and both the Alps and the Pyrenees. Of course such a place would be a key point in any navigation system!

The shrines

the-apple-pentagram-2-9 The most spectacular are the Marian/Opus Dei shrine at Torrciudad and the religious complex at Lourdes. The location of Torreciudad is simply amazing. Why put a shrine here?

I do not feel that anyone but the founder of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva,really knows the answer to that, but it does lie on the navigation system alignment lines. Perhaps in the days when the navigation system was created that was enough and there was something earlier than the current shrine.

Internal Alignments

the-apple-pentagram-2-3 Encouraged by these alignments I drew lines from the Brenac point of the Brenac triangle to the upper and lower points of the inner and outer pentagon(coloured red and green in this diagram).

the-apple-pentagram-2-10 Ask me why i saw the significance in the extension from Lincoln’s Pentacle to these lines and I cannot explain. Suddenly it seemed to be something worth exploring.

I then noticed that the two points of intersection were on a north south line.

the-apple-pentagram-2-11 And what a north south line, the Paris Meridian, the devils line 666 leagues from Jerusalem. A quick reference check showed that these points do not lie on any of the navigation pentacle points or indeed on any of the major alignments through the pentacles.

A rather different check against the possible visigothic treasure routes shows that these points are both close to these routes and places where the treasure could have been hidden.

the-apple-pentagram-2-4 I was transferring all this information back onto IGN maps when another structure became apparent.

The Targets

If lines are drawn at 90 degrees from the upper and lower lines and through the “Serre” point of the Lincoln’s pentacle they also intersect at the same two points.

the-apple-pentagram-2-5 Comparison with the Paris Meridien on the IGN maps confirmed that these were indeed the same points.

These points now became “targets”

Geographic Location of The Targets

the-apple-pentagram-2-6_0 And the question now is where are these points? The southerly point is on the northern slope of the southern mountain in the Fenouilles valley.

Note that there is a forest track marked on google earth as a road which comes very close to this point. Also the crest of the Col de St Louis is almost exactly on the centre line from the Lincoln triangle with means the alignment can be tracked relatively easily.

the-apple-pentagram-2-7 The northern point lies in a much gentler fold in the landscape,

It is however over one hundred metres higher than the southern target.

An Improbable Relationship

golden-brenac-connection Now for another rather improbable relationship. There may be a mathematical reason why this is inevitable. I have tried, but cannot work it out.

If a line is drawn from Brenac through the centre of the Lincoln pentacle to the point where it intersects the Paris Meridian then another set of “golden” numbers emerge.

golden-meridien The total length of the line between the north and south targets is 19 kilometers.

This is related to the distances from each target to the Brenac intersection by golden numbers. In this diagram the yellow overlay indicates the total north south distance.

golden-lomg Now the distance to the southern target is identified (11.74).

19 divided by 11.74 =1.618

golden-short finally the distance to the northern target is identified (7.26) 11.74/7.6= 1.617. I am confident the only reason this is not “perfect” is because I have only worked to two places of decimals.

When I arrived back in Rennes, I bought fresh copies of the local IGN maps and marked all this up on them. It established immediately that line from Brenac to the northern target does not lie along the side of the brenac pentacle. I immediately started to explore the path of the line in detail on the ground.

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