The Road to Val de Dieu

the-apple-pentagram-01_0 As my measurement studies drew to a close, my attention was attracted back to the Brenac pentacle. Clearly this pentacle is not part of the overall “French Royal” navigation system. For a start it is much smaller than the “navigation” pentacles and it is at a different orientation.

Different Systems

The Brenac pentacle is almost certainly a relic from an earlier time. However it has more than one alignment with the navigation pentacles.

On the diagram above the alignment line coming in from the left is the aligment with Monsegur.

The next to bottom alignment line running of to the lower right only became apparent during the study of the Brenac pentacle alignments. It runs to Perpignan.


palais-de-majorca Not just to Perpignan but directly through the “Palais des Rois de Majorque” which is situated on the Puig del Rey just to the west of the city centre.

The kindom of Majorca was relatively short-lived lasting only from 1276 to 1349, yet here again is one of those astonishing alignments. Once again I believe it is proof that the navigation system must have been most extensive.

The Hidden Pentagram

the-apple-pentagram-02 However the study of the navigation system was creating no help with the treasure hunt. I suddenly saw the multiple alignments in a different light. Was there something else hidden here? I highlighted the line from Monsegur and the line from Perpignan where they passed close to the Rennes pentacle.

I then highlighted the line running between the two, the most westerly of the north south alignments on this diagram, which passes through the Mazerou point of the Brenac pentacle.

the-apple-pentagram-03 I instantly realised that this could be a pentagon.

I knew the size of one side so completing the pentagon was relatively easy.

Note how it all lies on one or another of the alignments.

The road to Val de Dieu


Now I have identified the centre of the pentagram.

It lies on the centre line of Lincoln’s pentacle.


Perhaps more significantly it lies directly on the road to Val de Dieu. Could the treasure be here? just down a gentle slope from Rennes le Château, 1.3 Kilometers or 80 centi-milles from the centre of the Lincoln pentacle? One thing was now certain, I had to return to Brenac.

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