The Triangle

The Document


Things began to tumble into place.

Inside the church at Brenac, aside from the numerology puzzle, there was an essentially simple message

The first part of this message on tablet one north is that we are looking for a document.


Then on tablet one south we are told we are looking for a triangle. Perhaps the triangle we are looking for is embedded in a document.

Breaking the Code


We know there is a triangle embedded in a document. Saunier’s document, as revealed in de Séde’s book, fills the bill. Is there a triangle rather than a pentacle? Indeed there is and not necessarly the one drawn by Lincoln.
Here a triangle has been formulated which incorporates all the crosses. The base angle can be measured, It is 66 degrees, one of the dominant numbers identified in the original simplistic numerogical analysis and also the angle between the summer and winter solaces seen from Brenac.

Transfer to IGN

brians-triangle-2 If this is then transferred to the IGN map, some alignments appear.

I have deliberately using a slow fade and I am using Google earth not the IGN maps so that it is easier to see what is happening.

brians-triangle-3 The small crosses have been highlighted in yellow and are being maintained even as the document is faded.

brians-triangle-4 The document is now removed altogether. Here lines parallel to the two sides of the triangle are drawn so that they converge on Brenac.


brians-triangle-5 The size of the remnants of the lines and crosses from the document are now reduced proportionally to fit. The upper right point falls directly on the Paris Meridian.

The second point sits on a circle which has the line from Brenac to the Paris Meridien as a diameter. The third point however, does not fall on the Meridien, but not far off it.

brians-triangle-7 This is the resulting geographical alignment. These lines are the same as the lines whose development was shown on “Brenac Gold” .

Thales Theorem

brians-triangle-6_0 The points on the Paris Meridian are the “targets” The two extra lines (both running through Lauzet) are quite remarkable lines.

Constructing a circle with it’s centre on the upper line passes through the villages of Bouriege and Sougraine but also passes through the point of intersection of the line running North East through Lauzet.

The triangle so formed with three points on a circle is a very special triangle.

One side of this triangle is the diameter of the circle so it follows that the opposite angle will always be a right angle. It is called the Thales theorem and was documented by Thales of Miletus a greek city in what is now Turkey.

brians-triangle-8 If a similar circle is constructed on the lower line, it passes both through Rennes le Château and Bugerech and through the intersection on the upper line thus the triangle enclosed is another example of the Thales theorem.

The line from to Rennes le Château to Bugerech, which is now shown be a chord of a circle also passes through the centre of Lincoln’s pentacle and this same line goes over the top of Bugerech mountain.

bugerach_0 Now this is a mountain. It truly dominates and can bee seen from almost everywhere in the area around Rennes le Château. From a navigation structure which has one important leg passing over Bugerech there is indeed a tool to serve as a navigation device.

Incidentally Bugerech is a mountain which is famous for being “upside down”. The bottom of the mountain is “younger” than the top.

But does it lead us to the treasure? By now I had formed an opinion that the two targets really were very special points which had been identified three different ways. I decided to waste no more time but to go direct to the targets.

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