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FAO Wenona Byrne

3rd September 2008 

Fictional Historical Romance.  Ximene – The most dangerous woman in the world.

Dear Wenona,

Thank you for returning my telephone call.

This book had its origins in a light hearted project to gain a better understanding of how two women, Alice Perrers and Catherine de Roet had such political influence in the England of the late 1300’s, not a time noted  for female emancipation! We decided there must be a link between the two and for our own entertainment, invented one.

In the same timescale John Stanley progressed from farm boy to end his life as King of the Isle of Man.  We decided that the women might have sponsored his rapid rise!

The result is a book which we believe would appeal to women from twenty five onwards. Our heroine is everything from a teenager looking for romance, to a scheming manipulative politician, a formidable female warrior and a brave selfless stateswoman, sometimes all five concurrently! 

The book runs to 56  chapters and approximately 95,000 words.  In our own test readings we have also obtained an unexpectedly good response from men. The book is finished and has been proof read. Because we have enjoyed the experience of meeting Ximene, we are currently writing a continuation of the story called “Escape from Carcassonne.”

Brian Lilley has extensive experience of tight, focussed technical writing, in support of motivational lecture tours throughout South East Asia and Oceania.  Helen Lilley is a teacher at a major comprehensive in Northern England.  She specialises in English and Drama and has specific expertise in Shakespeare’s historical plays and the poetry of the courts of love..

We enclose as requested, a synopsis and two specimen chapters. We also enclose an addressed, stamped post card which we would be pleased if you would return to us as evidence of receipt.

No publishers have seen the manuscript. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to submit our work for your consideration. 

Regards Brian and Helen Lilley

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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