Coming Soon!“The Prisoner of Foix” is finished, as is book two “The first Knight of Occitan”. They will be published electronically.

There are a wide variety of preferences for synopses. I have included a 1400 word version, which I believe gives a better “feel” for the story than the 600 word version. As a prefix to the individual chapters I I have also included a 500 word outline for those who are more interested in marketing issues and a potential readers anticipated attention span.

One of the synopses is in the form of answers to the “question in the lift”  In my experience it is equally applicable at a dinner party where people are only interested in answers which are easy to digest.

Every chapter, as it is published, will be made available on this site. Look at the early chapters to get an idea of how this will be achieved. The whole of book one will be published in these various formats.

The Altrato books format is currently a little slow to open even on a PC, though it has great longer-term protential.

Therefore additionally we will offer the first four chapters in formats which are totally compatible for computers tablets and mobile devices.

This will be followed up by offering incremental e-books in the same formats, typically each increment being 10 chapters.

Finally in August /September we intend to publish the whole book on Amazon and in a richer experience on iBooks.

The most dangerous woman in the world

The Treasure of Trencavel

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