You published your work-in-progress on your website; how useful was this for feedback / motivation / gaining readers, do you feel?

This is a follow on from what I have said above.

Our web site gets around 100,000 hits a year and roughly a quarter of those are repeat vistors who spend anything up to an hour at a time on the site.

It rates well on Google.

Right now as I am writing this, I have just put “Ximene” into google search and it is number 2 on the front page of search results (out of 64,000)

“Romance Adventure Danger”

gives number nine on the front page ( out of 8,150,000)

“Adventure Occitan”

gives number 5 on the front page (out of 640,000)

This means that in IT terms it is successful. However… We have not yet tried to sell anything it is only when we do so that we will know whether it is a success. Nevertheless the fact that the site has given Ximene a place on the web is in itself potentially valuable. High Google readings take time  and expertise in the use of SEO.

The back end of the web site has become a receptacle for all my ideas and as such it is extremely useful.

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