What’s Next

Can you tell us something about what’s next for you as a writer? 

I have plotted out six books in this series.  I am glad I did this. Some things from book six have impacted on book one.  I have completed book two except the first chapter which I am struggling with and have written 20 chapters of book four.

I have given summaries of the content of the six books about Ximene. The story does go on beyond this point( I have done preliminary investigations as far as the reign of Elizabeth 1st) but it unrealistic to do anymore detailed plotting until I have written at least chapter 5.

I have plotted the book “The both of us” in which Fabienne Royale wages a private war against the drug trade.  I have written eight  chapters which cover events in Paris (twice), Carcassonne, Mornington, Australia(where I live), Yugoslavia, Fiji, Hong Kong and New Zealand.There will be other chapters but the grand finale will be in Columbia (where else) and involve the french army complete with air support   In many ways this is Ximene in the twenty-first century.

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